National Taiwan Normal University English Proficiency Test Subsidy Guidelines
Passed on October 13, 2021 at the 3rd Academic Affairs Committee meeting of the 2021 academic year
Article 1

To encourage students to participate in English proficiency tests and improve their English language ability, National Taiwan Normal University (hereinafter referred to as “this University”) has prescribed these Guidelines.
Article 2 Recipients eligible for a subsidy shall include this University’s full-time undergraduate, master’s and PhD students currently studying in this University (first year students shall be eligible following their matriculation on August 1) who participate in one of the various proficiency tests in Article 3 and whose results reach the determined threshold for a subsidy.
Article 3 Subsidies as referred to in these Guidelines are limited to those for English proficiency tests. Score requirements and subsidy amounts for the participation in English proficiency tests by this University’s students can be found detailed in the Attachments to these Guidelines.
Article 4 Students may only receive one subsidy of this type across the duration of their study in this University.
Article 5 Application Process: Students should prepare a photocopy of their student ID, payment receipt for the proficiency test, and the cover of their bank passbook, as well as both an original and a copy of their proof of test score or test certificate, along with a completed application form. Applications should be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs.
Article 6 These Guidelines, and any ensuing revisions, shall be publicly announced and implemented following its passage at a meeting of the Academic Affairs Committee.